We will officially open for the 2023 season on Tuesday, April 18th!

Gil Scwartz and Northwoods Botanicals

It's been ten years since Dusty met Gil at a backyard barbecue in Minneapolis, where they bonded over urban farming concepts and hip hop. And it's been amazing to see Gil's 8 acre homestead in Ashland, Wisconsin grow over the year. We are proud of this guy!

Now Gil is going big with CBD Hemp production and product processing, and we are happy to have Northwoods Botanicals in our store.

From his website in his own words:

Our Farm

We are a small family farm in the Northwoods of Wisconsin driven by passion, and focused on quality and professionalism. Since 2015 we have been serving our community and customers with unique and diversified specialty crops using regenerative and permaculture farming practices.

The all natural way that we cultivate our hemp, here at Northwoods Botanicals, enables us to build upon and enhance our soil rather than deplete it. We use deep mulching techniques, lots of organic matter, complimentary systems, and plenty of elbow grease to grow beautiful plants.

Our CBD and CBG products are exclusively crafted from our certified, full spectrum hemp flowers. They are third party lab tested and specially formulated for enhanced bioavailabilty.

We love our bioregion! We are proud to farm out of the northernmost county in Wisconsin, Bayfield County, nestled between the shores of, arguably, the world's largest body of fresh water, Lake Superior and the shade of the Chequamegon-Nicollet National Forest.

We believe...

  • in providing our customers with authentic, artisanal products that support them in their pursuit of wellness

  • that farming can be beneficial to the environment when done mindfully

  • doing what you love reflects in the products you create

Our Hemp

Our special cannabinoid-rich strains of hemp are sustainably grown on a small scale to provide unique and high quality products that we are proud to offer to you! The premium hemp cultivars we grow directly for our products are naturally packed with the desirable compounds cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabigerol (CBG).

Sustainably Grown and Handcrafted

  • Each plant is sown and transplanted by hand, as well as delicately hand-harvested, cured, and dried—all without machines

  • Grown outside with plenty of sunshine in robust living soil topped off with deep woodchip mulch—no plastic mulch

  • Hydrated by rainwater and our farm’s pure, unchlorinated, well water

  • Supplemented with organic fertilizers, aerated compost tea, effective microbes, symbiotic mycorrhizae, and assistance from beneficial insects

  • Grown without synthetic/harmful pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers

  • Our farm is powered by solar energy

  • Plants receive plenty of tender loving care: We are in the hemp garden nearly everyday observing, caring for, and enjoying working with the plants


  • Our full-spectrum hemp flowers contain a synergy of cannabinoids and aromatic terpenes

  • The hemp we grow comes from special cultivars such as “ØØ Cherry Wine CBD,” “Stem Cell CBG,” and “White CBG”

  • We only grow selected hemp cultivars with hemp flowers from 100% unpollinated and seedless, feminized cannabis

  • Delicately slow-dried and carefully cured to best preserve the plant's resinous trichomes and delicate terpenes

  • Our hemp products are completely non-psychoactive