We will officially open for the 2023 season on Tuesday, April 18th!

Collection: Reserve your Badgersett Hazelnut Plants today (for pick-up in-store this coming September)


The hazelnut plants that we sell are seedlings of mother plants personally selected by Philip Rutter of Badgersett Research Corporation, from a large expansion planting (7.5 acres, originally stocked at 1,200 – 2,200 plants per acre) of seedlings from some of Badgersett’s most advanced breeding lines, planted in 2003 on a farm in northwestern Illinois. 

These plants are highly adapted to the pests, diseases, and climate of the Midwest and Upper Midwest, USDA zones 4-6, and are also appropriate for the Northeast. They come from parent plants from identified breeding lines, with good to excellent total crop loads and kernels that are large enough for already-existing mechanical cracking and sorting equipment.

The current recommendation is to plant bushes 3-5 feet apart within the row, then thin them to 6-10 feet apart once they've been bearing nuts for a few years and you've started to identify the higher-performers at your particular site.


Click here for a detailed explanation of the selection criteria used to generate these plants.


Expected to be ready for pick-up early September.

The pick-up site will is our garden center, Agrarian Seed and Garden, located at 5152 Hiawatha Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55417.


Propagating Badgersett's hazelnut genetics is a joint project between Mark Hamann and EFN co-founder and ASG co-owner Dusty Hinz. We've both lived and worked at Badgersett and continue to work with the Illinois planting, which is how this particular venture came about. Badgersett founder, CEO, and Chief Scientist Philip Rutter provides expert advice based on decades of experience and specialized knowledge, and personally selects the breeding lines we are growing and selling.

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