Thanks for a great year! We are now closed for the winter--but will reopen in April of 2023!

2021 ASG Advanced Plant Sale Update for Customers

First and foremost, if you reserved plants from us in advance, thank you!! We really appreciate it!
This is our first year at the garden center, and we are trying to work through the logistics to make getting your plants to you as simple as possible.
Our plan is to update a google spreadsheet on an ongoing basis that lists all of the plants and products we had listed in the advanced sale. If we have it in, there will be an "X" next to it. This spreadsheet can be viewed by anyone with the link. Here is that link:
We will be making some social media posts and sending out a few emails when we get new plants in stock, but your safest way to know exactly what we currently have and don't have is going to be the google spreadsheet.
You can make a decision about when you want to come to the store to get your reserved plants based upon what we have in stock as it relates to your own order.
You can wait until we have your entire order available. Or, you can feel free to come to the garden center twice, or even multiple times if you wish, to get your plants as they come in. For example, if you ordered both onions and peppers, you may want to come in now to get the onions, and come back again around mid to late May to get the peppers.
We are requesting that customers send us a quick email (to the night before or the morning of the day that you plan to come in to pick up plants. If you don't, not the end of the world. But it would make it easier on us, so we can try to have your order pulled and ready to go. Please include your name and order number in this email, if possible.
All quantities of plants that have been ordered in advance are getting pulled upon their arrival to our store, and held in the back, so they are separate from what is available to the public.
There have been a few crop failures from our suppliers, which we fully expected to happen. Out of 400+ plant varieties that we intended to have for you, we may not have about 10-15 of them. When we know for sure that we won't be getting a particular variety in, we will refund that money to you promptly.
Key things we currently have in (but again, best to refer to spreadsheet for the line item):
All seed potatoes
All mushroom grow kits
All onions, leeks, and shallots
Purple Stemmed Arugula
Bok choi grex
Dragon Tongue/Ho Mi Z Mizuna
Some Pansies (we are missing two of the varieties at this time)
Some Osteospermum 
Most native and non-native perennial flowers (sun and shade)
All Cowsmo compost and potting soil
Most cold hardy herbs
We expect to have more cold hardy vegetables (brassicas, lettuce, etc.) in mid to late next week, and likely more annual flowers as well, depending how the weather looks. We will announce this on social media and by email, and update the spreadsheet accordingly.
We are located at 5152 Hiawatha Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55417.
Our summer hours are:
Monday: closed
Tuesday-Friday: 10-6
Saturday-Sunday: 10-4
Feel free to email us here with any further questions at:
Thank you!