Thanks for a great year! We are now closed for the winter--but will reopen in April of 2023!

2021 ASG Plant Sale Details

Hello! Thanks for taking an interest in our new garden center, Agrarian Seed and Garden (ASG). We really like this idea of a running a pre-sale for our plants. It gives customers time to read up on the different varieties that we offer, and secure them for pick-up at the store this spring. It also provides you with a socially-distanced, safe, Curbside Pickup option.

It's our first year running this garden center. We are hoping our customers will be understanding about this, as we are doing our best! If you order a plant that for some reason we are unable to provide to you, we will be happy to refund your money, or replace it with a plant of the same value.

We offer in-store or curbside pick-up at our storefront:
Agrarian Seed & Garden
5152 Hiawatha Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55417
There are no additional fees and no minimum purchase.


We will have 2 primary pick-up waves:

1 - Cold Hardy Plants (Lettuce, Kale, Onions, Many Perennial / Annual Flowers) should be available  Mid / Late April to Early May
2 - Tender Annuals (Tomatoes, Peppers, Tender Annual Flowers, Etc.) should be available Mid to Late May 


Customers can feel free to come to the store more than once to get the plants they have ordered as we get them in, or just come once (at a time when all of the plant varieties you have ordered are in stock).

We expect to have all the hanging baskets and flowers in for Mother's Day weekend (May 7th-9th).

As we get closer to spring we will announce the precise dates that we expect to have certain types of plants ready for pick-up at ASG. We will notify you with an email and announce via this page and our social media. 


Plants come in the following sizes:

3.5 inch pots: many vegetables and herbs come in this size pot with one, good-sized plant, and the price is typically $3.25 per plant for annuals and $5.00 for perennials. 

4 inch pots: many annual flowers and annual foliage come in this size pot with one, good-sized plant in it, and the price is typically $5.25 per plant.

4-packs: this is a pack of four smaller-sized plants. Some flowers and some vegetable greens (like lettuce and kale) come in this. The price is typically $3.25 for 4-pack flowers and $3.50 for 4-pack veggies.

6-packs: this is a pack of six plants, which will be slightly larger plants than the 4-packs. Some vegetables (like corn and beets) and some flowers come in this. Price is typically $6 or $7.50 for a 6-pack.

QUARTS: A larger pot for many of our perennial plants. Deeper root system and a larger plant then 4" pots. A quart is typically $7.50

JUMBOS: These are roughly 2 Quarts of Soil volume. Some of our native perennial plants come in this size. Typically they are $10.00

#1 POTS: These pots contain about 3 Quarts of soil volume. They are the largest perennial flowers we offer. Typically $12.50