We are now closed for the season! Thanks for another wonderful year! We will be at Monarch Fest in September--otherwise we will see you in April, 2025!

Badgersett Chestnuts

Badgersett Research Farm is a nut tree research farm in southeastern Minnesota founded by Philip Rutter. ASG co-owner Dusty Hinz had the opportunity to live and work at Badgersett in 2018 and has kept up the relationship, and is actually planting 15 acres of chestnuts at the family farm.

Badgersett has been breeding hazelnuts, chestnuts, and hickory-pecan to be productive, disease-resistant, cold-hardy, and adapted to this region for over 35 years now.

We have previously sold Badgersett hazelnut plants at ASG, but this year will be first time we will be have Badgersett chestnut trees available. These will be one-year-old trees between one and two feet tall. We recommend planting a minimum of three trees in proximity together for pollination purposes.

We are not pre-selling these trees but if they interest you come on in and check them out when we open.