We are now closed for the season! Thanks for another wonderful year! We will be at Monarch Fest in September--otherwise we will see you in April, 2025!

The 2024 Organic Vegetable Plant Collection

*****IMPORTANT NOTE: The varieties listed in the google sheet below are what we start with, but we cannot guarantee that they will all be in stock when you come to the store. As some things do sell out. Thanks for understanding.


At Agrarian, our goal is to have our vegetable plant offerings set us apart from other garden centers. We do this by curating a unique collection that includes seed sourced from some of our favorite small seed companies, including several varieties from our own in-house sister seed company, the Experimental Farm Network, to bring you a diverse, one-of-a-kind selection. In addition to EFN, this year seed came from our friends at Adaptive Seeds (SW Oregon) and Wild Garden Seeds (Philomath, OR).


Twin brothers Andrew and Jacob Helling, of Northfield, MN, are some of the most talented organic vegetable production farmers that Dusty has met. In addition to selling organic produce, they also dabble in selling high quality organic vegetable and herb plant starts. This year they are growing all of ASG's vegetable plants and most of our herbs, in their certified organic greenhouses. Not many garden centers can say they offer certified organic veggies and herbs, and we are grateful to be working with Twin Organics to make this happen.

For a full list of everything we are ordering from Twin Organics, please check out this link:




ASG wants to give a special thank you to Rodrigo Cala for growing a good portion of our vegetable plant starts during our first three years in business. We are grateful to him and honored to call him a friend. However, this year we will not be sourcing any of our plants from Rodrigo due to distance and plant delivery logistics. Thanks, Rodrigo!