We are now closed for the season! Thanks for another wonderful year! We will be at Monarch Fest in September--otherwise we will see you in April, 2025!

Jim Tjepkema and ASG

To highlight some of the wonderful connections that have happened as a result of having this garden center, ASG co-owner Dusty Hinz has been able to befriend local East Nokomis resident Jim Tjepkema because he came into the store our first year. Jim has been a long-time member of Seed Savers Exchange (based in Deocrah, IA), and maintains the seed for around 30 of his favorite vegetable varieties.

Jim and Dusty are now working on some grow outs of Jim's varieties, with the intention of putting the seed into the EFN catalogue. In fact, this year 'Milka's Yugo Ox Heart' Tomato will be available as plant starts. This variety comes from Jim. Last year Dusty grew it out for seed in Farmington, and it is also in EFN seed catalogue this year.

This year 'Kostadinov's Striated' Hot Pepper will be available as plants at ASG, and Dusty plans to grow it for seed also. This is also a variety stewarded by Jim.

Special thanks to Jim for his life-long commitment to seed preservation. Jim is also involved in some local activism, and it has been a pleasure to get to know him and discuss a variety of issues in our world today.